The PM’s Youth Business Loans Programme will be helpful to strengthen the national economy, bring prosperity and create employments in the country, said the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry president.

FCCI President Suhail Bin Rashid praised Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over scheme which benefits the national youth. Skilled and educated youth will benefit from the scheme by utilising their abilities for progress of Pakistan. The dream of making Pakistan Asian Tiger will come true soon. He said and added that most of the developed countries promoted their SMEs to boost their economies and generate employment. So, he said, the step will cause economic revival in the country.

He said that under the loan scheme, loan of Rs100,000 to 2 million will be granted to 100,000 youth of the country for 8 years duration to start new businesses in specified sectors. The loan programme, part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme’ initiative, will provide financing at 8% mark-up per annum for 100,000 beneficiaries through the National Bank of Pakistan and First Women Bank.

He elaborated that all the developed countries had promoted entrepreneurship.

He lauded the PM and said the step was historical milestone for bringing improvement and economic revival in the country. The young generation is capable of streamlining the economy and can change the destiny of the country, he hoped.

He urged the youth to get loans and utilise their capabilities for prosperity of the country. He also asked the government to make the scheme more lenient to facilitate more people.