Historically Lyari is known as the oldest locality of Karachi. Nowadays, one of the major issues that the residents of Lyari are facing is lack of education as there are not many schools located here. Because of lack of education most of the people are jobless; they belong to lower class which forces them to join criminal gangs. The fast spreading drug dealers, gangs and criminals who have entered these areas have made life very difficult for ordinary people.

Another issue is lack of support for sportsmen. Residents of Lyari are exceptionally talented in sports like football, boxing and many others sports but the government is not giving any funds to promote this latent talent. Lyari is being singled out as the main area where criminals have taken refuge. This may be so but the rulers of the province need to cleanse these areas.

Lyari operation did not succeed in doing this and there was no positive implementation or result from the action. Instead, many innocent people lost their lives because of a few criminals. I would like to request the provincial authorities as well as the sports boards concerned to become serious about tackling the problem of terrorism in Lyari and also to ensure that there are enough playing fields for the youth.


Karachi, December 9.