Nelson Mandela is no more but his legacy will live on. He was a living legend, a symbol of justice, fair play and forgiveness and human endurance. After spending 27 years in captivity, it is amazing how he could forgive and forget and bear no malice and bitterness towards his captors and tormentors. He was, still is and will always remain a source of inspiration for millions of people and freedom-lovers.

May God give us a leader with even one-tenth of his qualities. Our own political leaders can never hope or even aspire to achieve the greatness that he did. They can however, try to emulate him — especially in the areas of justice, fair play, truthfulness and bearing no bitterness and malice towards their political foes. It is perhaps expecting too much from our self-centred leaders but then again we are discussing the great Nelson Mandela and not the pygmy leaders of today.

Zaheer Ahmed,

Islamabad, December 6.