Former foreign minister and Sajjada Nashin (caretaker) of Shrine of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya, Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that the greatest saint of sub-continent spent his entire life for the promotion of teachings of Islam and education in the region. He pledged that his followers would continue his mission till the day of judgment.

Addressing the second day session of Qaumi Zakariya Conference organized in connection with 774th Urs of the saint here on Tuesday, he added that the saints always disseminated the message of love and peace to facilitate the humanity.

The other speaker said on the occasion that menaces like extremism and sectarianism could be uprooted from the society by promoting the message of saints. Dr Siddique Khan Qadri, Saeed Ahmad Farooqi, Hafeez Ullah Mehrvi and other speakers said that the shrines of the saints offered peace, harmony and knowledge to the humankind.

Meanwhile, a spokesman of the shrine said that the concluding session of the Urs would be held on Wednesday (today) at 10:00am. The proceedings will be chaired by Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

MCCI RESENTMENT: The Multan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) strongly opposed on Tuesday government’s decision to suspend natural gas supply to industries for indefinite period and demanded immediate reversal of the decision.

President of MCCI, Khawaja Muhammad Usman, declared the decision anti-industry, saying the ill-advised decision brought country’s industry on the brink of complete destruction. He warned that the textile industry would have to lay off workers due to about 50 per cent decline in production capacity because of gas suspension. He pointed out that the industry lost orders from international customers as it failed to fulfil commitments because of power cuts.

Joint efforts sought to uproot corruption: Declaring corruption a cancer for the society, Director Anti-Corruption Department Multan Naseer Ahmad Khan stressed the need on Monday for joint efforts from all sections of society to uproot this evil.

Addressing an Anti-Corruption seminar here, he added that only those nation progressed who got rid of corruption and corrupt people. He said that his department did not intend to create inconvenience for any one rather action was taken against corrupt elements to offer relief to the public. He told the participants of the seminar that action had also been initiated against those who filed fake applications against others.

He said that a special drive had been launched between December 9 and 14 against corruption during which special initiatives were to be launched to create awareness among masses. He told the participants that ordinary corruption cases were disposed of in one month while the cases needing special investigation were given a maximum of three months.

He was of the opinion that corruption could be contained to a considerable extent if the heads of the departments kept eye on their subordinates.

He revealed that he had taken action against 100 such people who were habitual of filing fake application.

EDO Health Dr Iftikhar Qureshi and others also spoke on this occasion.