LAHORE - Provincial Minister for Food Bilal Yasin accompanied by officers of the Punjab Food Authority conducted raids on different restaurants of Johar Town and sealed four of them including Zee Gril, Cock & Bull, Saldish and Sirdar Fish for poor cleanliness conditions and sale of stale food.

The minister issued orders to immediately seal Zee Gril hotel for using substandard meat in the food and dirty condition of freezers.

The food safety officers had issued several notices to the restaurants and imposed fine but despite this, there was no improvement and hence it has been sealed.

Stale food was being served to the customers in Cock & Bull hotel while fake bottles and cheese was also sold to the customers therefore this hotel was sealed. Bilal Yasin also sealed Saldish Hotel for selling stale rice and using expired cocktail as well as poor cleanliness arrangements and stale meat.

Later, Sardar Fish was also sealed for selling stale fish, presence of flies in the oil used to fry fish and washing of crockery in dirty water.

This hotel was also fined thrice but no improvement was seen in the hotel. Bilal Yasin said that the hotels receive full charges from the citizens but serve them stale food which is causing various diseases. 

He said that before eating food in the hotels, it should be ensured that the food has been prepared in accordance with hygiene principles.