The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday separated the IG FC’s contempt of court case from Balochistan law and order case.

A three-judge bench, comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Jawwad S.Khawaja and Justice Amir Hani Muslim, took up the Balochistan unrest case and heard petitions of missing persons from Balochistan.

The bench was told by Secterary Interior and acting IG Frontier Corps (FC) Brig. Khalid Saleem that IG FC Balochistan has been admitted to a hospital in Islamabad, and that he is on leave since 29th of last month due to his indisposition.

The court issued orders that the government must appoint an IG for Balochistan FC within three days. The apex court also directed for implementation of its previous directive about the missing persons from Balochistan.

The court later separate the case of IG FC, who was issued contempt of court notice for not producing persons, for the Balochistan unrest case.

Earlier in the hearing,  the outgoing CJP and Irfan Qadir, the counsel of IG FC exchanged heated arguments.

Irfan Qadir said that he couldn’t produce his client before the upcoming ‘political star’ while referring to certain news items published in the national press today.

CJP snubbed Qadir and warned him that he shouldn’t shout in the court. Justice Chaudhry said that the court could also suspend his license upon which Qadir said the court may go ahead and suspend or even revoke his lisence.

Qadir said that the court should take measures so that such stories are not published. Upon which Justice Chaudhry said that he should not compel the court to take strict action against him.