Amidst high claims, the Sialkot police are unable to control cattle thefts as dozens of cattle head have been stolen in three strikes while other valuables worth millions of rupees have been snatched at gunpoint in various parts of Sialkot district.

The district is in the grip of crimes while the police seem to be unable to trace out the criminals involved in the crimes, putting the peace-loving people at the mercy of the criminals. Local people expressed grave concern over the critical situation and urged Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and police high-ups to ensure early arrest of the criminals.

In village Mitraanwali Daska tehsil, six armed men took away eight buffaloes at gunpoint from the outhouse of local landlord Amjad Ali Mayo. The outlaws also thrashed the employees there and fled away with the buffaloes in a truck. The worth of the snatched buffaloes was stated to be Rs1.1 million. Bambaanwala police have registered a case with no arrest or clue so far.

In village Kotli Noonaan, Sambrial tehsil, thieves took away three buffaloes worth Rs0.4 million from the outhouse of farmer Muhammad Yaqub and fled away. In village Aadam Draaz-Motra, Daska tehsil, thieves stole four buffaloes from the house of local farmer Muhammad Bashir.

Meanwhile, outlaws also remained active in Sialkot district. Two unknown armed motorcyclists snatched a motorcycle, mobile and thousands of rupees in cash at gunpoint from Zulfiqar Ali, an instructor of Govt College of Technology Pasrur, near Kotli Bawa Faqeer Chand-Pasrur Road.

Thieves took away a motorcycle, Rs5,000 and other valuables from the house of a local trader Muaviya in Rangpura-Sialkot. In Naikapura-Sialkot, accused took away a motorcycle of local trader Muhammad Akram, besides, stealing a bike of another trader Muhammad Arshad from a local plaza in Muzaffarpur-Sialkot city.

Unknown thieves stole mobile phones, accessories and electronics worth Rs0.5 million from the shop of Muhammad Aslam located at Kutchery Road Pasrur city. In Mughalpura-Daska, three unknown armed dacoits looted 25 Tolas gold ornaments, cash, electronics and other valuables worth Rs2.2 million at gunpoint from the house of Tasneem Bibi. In village Nagor-Motra, Daska tehsil, armed men looted gold ornaments, cash, electronics and other valuables worth of Rs0.5 million at gunpoint from the house of local landlord Aamir Nadeem.