ISLAMABAD - A research think-tank, Muslim Institute, organised a seminar on the topic of "Sufi Teachings of Islam as Teaching of Global Peace" here at National Library of Pakistan, said a press release issued on Tuesday. 

Speaker from Indonesia Dr H Agus Maftuh Abegebriel, member faculty of Shariah and Law, State Islamic University, Indonesia, said that Sufis played a vital role for the humanity. Their hallmark was devotion to Almighty and service to humanity and they had become a powerful moral force in the society. They believed in Mahabbah (Love of God), Maa'rifah (Knowledge of God) and Tawhid (Unification of God). In Indonesia Islam was spread neither by political power nor by Muslim jurists, it was done by Sufis, who were very tolerant to local culture. Sufis are moderate and derive religious thought not only from Quran and prophetic traditions but also from the use of reasons, enriched by empirical reality.

Ambassador of Indonesia Burhan Muhammad said that Sufis are the promoters of harmony and peace. This harmony and peace is the real face of Islam and "we need to show this real face of Islam to the world by our character." Sufism has the power to attract people of different faiths and treats humanity equally. He further said that peace is the universal message of Islam and Sufism and with this power they spread Islam everywhere and specially in Indonesia and Pakistan.

Chairman Muslim Institute Shaibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali said that Sufis are representative of Islam and they strongly oppose sectarianism. They are promoters of harmony, peace, equality and purity of inner self. Khankahi Nizam is the great institution which deals with people without any discrimination of religion, sect, race, and colour etc. Contemporary social and welfare organisations' system has derived inspiration from Khankahi Nizam to serve the people.

Former Federal Minister of Religious Affairs Hamid Saeed Kazmi said that Sufis serve Islam and humanity in very well manners. They educate people who serve others and preach Islam. He said that people who are creating disturbance in current times do not belong to Sufism as Sufis spread love and harmony not violence and bloodshed.