LAHORE  - A Lahore High Court full bench summoned Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) for Thursday (today) in a petition seeking security of traders/trade activities ahead of PTI call to shut down the provincial capital on Wednesday.

The bench comprising Justice Khalid Mehmood Khan, Justice Shahid Hameed Dar and Justice Anwarul Haq heard the case filed by Naeem Mir, a representative of traders in the province.

The bench summoned CCPO to inform it about the security plan made to maintain law and order situation in Lahore on December 15, the day PTI had announced to shut the city down on.

Representing Punjab government, an additional advocate general Abdul Aziz Awan submitted a security plan for the day.  He stated that Lahore has been divided into 164 parts for security purposes while 12 SSPs will supervise the security. He added that every SHO and circle DSP will patrol the city on the day while 19680 policemen have been deployed in the city.

He said special security arrangements will also be made for 52 sensitive places, 63 markets, 4 important installations and 13 exit and enter points of the city.

During the proceedings, the bench asked the law officer that who is responsible for maintaining law and order situation in the city, SP Civil Lines Imtiaz Safdar replied that the court that CCPO is the responsible for implementing plan in the city. On it, the bench summoned CCPO Lahore for Thursday (today).

Petitioner Naeem Mir stated that the PTI had given shut down call in Faisalabad but administration failed to control the situation while a person was killed in quarrel of PTI and PML-N workers. He apprehended that the same could also happen in Lahore on December 15. He requested the court to direct the Punjab government to ensure peace and protection to the citizens in Lahore.