ISLAMABAD - As the protesting Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) brushes aside the impression that its anti-government agitation has inflicted any damage on national economy, official documents reveal that the capital outflow from the country's equity market witnessed increase after August, the month of Imran Khan-led long march to Islamabad.

Official documents reveal that while the capital inflows stood at 556 million US dollars in July with outflow of capital 94 million US dollars, the capital inflows in August plummeted to $133 million and the outflow souring to $120 million. A month after PTI prolongs its sit-in in the federal capital along with Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT), the capital outflow exceeds than the inflow of capital in September with the capital flowing out of the country (149 million US$) and inflow of capital standing at 142 million US$ registering a deficit of minus 7.54 million US dollars.

The government has been blaming PTI Chief Imran Khan for causing a colossal loss to the national economy by taking to streets, an allegation that the protesting party has been rejecting arguing that the protest demonstration was the democratic right of people.

In October, the inflow of capital did not match the amount that was registered in months before the sit-in as the inflow stood at 170 million US$ and over 145 million US$ flowing out of the country.

According to government officials at Ministry of Finance, the major reason behind the capital outflow was the political agitation that triggered investors to shift their money away from the country.

They said that foreign investors who would usually invest in country's stock markets kept their money at bay from investing in Pakistan owing to the political instability arising out of the anti-government agitation.

The massive capital outflow, according to financial experts, was a bad sign for the economy adding that the capital inflow was encouraging before August when PTI had not yet launched its campaign against the government.

The government fears that the capital flow may further worsen if the agitation continues for a long time.

Referring to the period of June, when capital outflow stood at 161 million US dollars against the inflow of 556 million US dollars, the officials said the only reason behind the depleting capital inflow and massive outflow was driven by political factors. The documents show that in July, the inflow remained at 157 million US dollars and the outflow of capital was only 83 million US dollars.

An official said that business activities in any part of the world were directly associated with political situation. "Investors always condition their capital with the stability in any country. I think after August, there is no favourable condition for investors here. One cannot risk doing business in a country where political instability takes new turns every day," he added.

The documents reveal that during the current year, the inflow of capital registered negative trend against outflow for the first time in September when the inflow stood at 142 million US dollars against the outflow of 149 million US dollars.