Idle hands are the devil’s workshop is so true when you look around and see our youth, who is jobless trying to come up with wild schemes to get rich over night. These energetic and enthusiastic youth could have been a help and an advantage for the nation and could have played an important role in the progress and prosperity of the country. But when there are not enough jobs and they are left without any means to earn an honest wage they will become a burden and can turn to crime.

In developed countries this is the responsibility of the state to provide employment, insurance of health and education to their people but our state is doing nothing. As, our Prime Minster’ Youth Loan Scheme has backfired. Not many deserving youth got the loan as the conditions were hard to meet. We haven’t seen any new or emerging entrepreneur after the announcement. Most of our youth that can afford prefers to go abroad to get job. If our government is seriously they should take some steps for the betterment of the youth and save their future by providing them a way to utilize their abilities.


Lahore, December 8.