Our definition of a perfect profession revolves around becoming a doctor, engineer, teacher, lawyer or a business professional. Even in this 21st century we still think that a degree can earn respect and money but, in my opinion it is quite silly to think that just by being, what other people think is suitable and respectable, we are going to have a prestigious position. We don’t hear that someone madly wants their child to become a painter, fashion designer, an editor, and sociologist or wants to have a media degree. We are often found hearing from our elders that these are against moral and ethic values of our society.

If these professions are not prohibited by Allah than who are people to judge? If you have the ability and the passion for a profession, I would say go for it, without even thinking for a single moment what people may say. Just excel in it and prove your worth. I, being a bookworm and a studious person have faced a lot of questions by my teachers and relatives like what would you do if you choose social sciences? But I am passionate about this and believe that I can prove my worth in it. I would say that we should excel at whatever our heart desires.


Karachi, December 8.