We have a history with India, decades long communal violence and disputes, incidents such as the Babri Masjid case and Hashim Ansari go hand-in-hand. Ansari was the main petitioner against the closure of the mosque in 1949 and declared the site as disputed property. Ansari’ petition lingered on in the UP high court for decades with no resolution, but on the ground real changes kept happening, the mosque was demolished by hundreds of charged and well trained right wing Hindu activists in Dec 1992.

It’s alleged that demolition took place with the tactical nod of the then central government of Congress; needless to say that then UP government of BJP facilitated the Hindu activists to proceed without any hindrance. When these changes were happening, UP high court was still pondering on the petition. Verdict came after almost six decades, not accepted by many and the case was referred to Supreme Court. No one expects another verdict any time soon; that’s why 92-year-old Ansari has decided not to be an active petitioner any more.

He has a point; did the Muslims get anything from the court? When the answer is no, then why waste energy and resources on a futile case. It’s sad that Indian Muslims lack a visionary leadership which can make an out of the court deal with right-wing Hindu parties; to shift the mosque to an alternate location on the condition that this deal will close all such disputed cases forever. Muslims need to figure out what lies ahead; their future is linked with an India, which is progressing forward, not connected with the past.


Saudi Arab, December 8.