BFT Washington - Lily Allen has said she’s had enough of social media. The Air Balloon singer was one of the first stars to spring to fame by building a fan base online.

But following reports that she had gone teetotal in an effort to ‘grow up’ she said she wanted to stop reading gossip sites and sell her Twitter account.

‘Let’s give up social media and the Mail Online. It’s killing me. That is all,’ she began by writing.  ‘I feel like we’re not evolved enough to handle the internet, psychologically. I preferred real records and newspapers with news in them. ‘Everything was just better and nicer. We were nicer. And I wouldn’t be here.’

She added: ‘Might sell my Twitter now.’ The story that prompted Lily’s response claimed that at the recent British Fashion Awards, she had told Grazia magazine that she hadn’t had a drink for a month. The music star has previously opened up about her drinking. In 2009, the Smile singer said an on-stage argument with Sir Elton John made her change her attitude to alcohol. She rowed with Elton when he criticised her for being tipsy while they co-hosted the GQ Men of the Year Awards.

She later said: ‘Someone said to me, ‘Look, if you’d not had a bottle of champagne in your hand then people wouldn’t have made such a big deal of it.’ That’s when I decided if I ever got angry again I’d make sure I was never pictured with a drink in my hand as well.’