Islamabad - Director General National Agriculture Research Council (NARC) here on Wednesday stressed the need for installing bio-remediation plants for treatment of waste water to make it useful for fruit and vegetable farming.

“Through bio-remediation after treatment wasted water and soil can become useful. Bio-remediation of waste water treatment model so for implemented at more than 80 locations in Pakistan,” Dr M Azeem Khan said on occasion of “International Workshop of Bio-remediation Model for Waste Water Treatment” at NARC Auditorium.

He said that under climate change scenario and drastically reduced per capita availability of fresh water, there is no doubt that this model is replicated at a large scale will help us to have additional clean water equal to 40 Rawal Dams and also fetch clean vegetables from peri-urban areas. He said that I m very thankful to COMCEC coordination office for facilitating the project team from Pakistan for identifying relevant stakeholders and conducting study visits to Turkey, Dubai and Afghanistan.

At this occasion Fateh Kaya, Head of Department International Project COMCEC OIC, Turkey said that we with the collaboration of all OIC countries will continue our every possible support for Bio-remediation development.

Dr Nadeem Amjad, Member (NR) PARC said that with the help of Bio-remediation we can rapidly decrease water pollution and we could be able to use the wasted water for cultivation of fruits and vegetables. He said that two more models would be visible in couple of months time at most prominent locations of Rose and Yasmine Garden and F-9 Park in Islamabad.

 Both projects are mega in nature and will provide respite from the smelly water pass through these public places. He also said that PARC is playing a vital role for “Cleaning waste water, Clean and Green Pakistan”. Yousaf Riaz, NIB (NARC) presented complete over-view of project. He also paid vote of thanks to Stakeholders, Scientists and all participants.