Ilamabad - The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) celebrated Convocation-2014 to honour its graduates here on Wednesday.

More than 100 graduating students gathered at ICMAP Islamabad

Centre with their families, fellow students and friends, taking the chance to consider past achievements, aspirations and challenges before them. They cheered together as students one last time as chief guest Dr Qadeer Khan, a renowned nuclear scientist, along with President ICMAP conferred degrees on the graduates. The staff and some senior fellow members along with faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in the uplift of the institute’s image in many ways were honoured during the ceremony.

Addressing the convocation, Dr AQ Khan said, “Nothing makes me happier than the respect and admiration I enjoy from my nation.” He urged the students to work hard for the glory and prosperity for Pakistan because only education can uplift the image and credibility of a nation.

“You are the only hope to bring this long cherished goal into reality as you possess all tools and capability. Today you have crossed a decisive threshold of your careers and now you will be counted in a privileged segment of the nation because you have attained the greatest asset known professional education. So rise and change the fate of the nation,” Dr A Q Khan exhorted the fresh graduates in the convocation.

Dr Khan also urged graduates never to relegate religion in their lives and advised them to read Holy Quran regularly with script in Urdu to understand in-depth knowledge and guidance of the holy book.

Giving a keynote speech at the convocation, President ICMAP Zia Mustafa Awan said that Pakistan is a treasure house of talented manpower and if properly mobilised, the nation could overtake other nations in the endeavour of development.

 “I Know the road for you has been difficult during your studies but you preserved and you lived up to the expectations of your parents who today sitting beside you to enjoy this precious moment,” Zia added.

Chairman IBC Waqar Ali Khan, Kahif Mateen Ansari, Ghulam Mustafa Qazi, Muhammad Imran and Rizwan Arshad also delivered speeches on the occasion.

There were emotional and touching scenes shortly after the convocation with the fresh graduates embracing their parents, happiness glowing from their faces while their parents were enjoying the moment with tears of joy flowing down on their cheeks.