Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has consoled the nation that on coming January 1, the oil prices will be further decreased and electricity rates will also be decreased. I would like to ask him why is he waiting for 1st to provide relief to the already deeply depressed, oppressed and despotic nation? What hinders the PM from extending this relief immediately? The nation is not witnessing any benefit of low oil price, because only the owners of vehicles running on petrol can benefit. The prices of daily items and staples remain the same, proving that this government continues its bad governance.

Holding the Punjab Chief Minister responsible is not enough, lets kick out any incapable CMs, if they are not able to control and decrease the prices and fares what are they doing in their positions? If the government does not allow unions or associations in any organization then who will defend them and bring forward their grievances? A democracy provides every citizen the right to have a better life and a better job but if today a private employee has no job security, then why does the parliament have security of 5 years’ tenure?

Our ruling elite should not this honour for granted and should work hard and prove good governance. They have a mandate and responsibilities and they should be held accountable for any discretion, in any form in their area.


Gujranwala, December 8.