FAISALABAD- Faisalabad police have arrested 12 accused in the murder of a PTI worker in Faisalabad. The police arrested seven accused last night and five today morning.

The alleged workers of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Nadeem Mughal and Imtiaz Arshad, nominated in FIR in Faisalabad clash along with three others were arrested by police on Thursday, mounting the total to 12.

The action was taken when a new photograph surfaced showing alleged PML-N worker along, with the man who fired several straight bullets. The originally named accused Imtiaz Arshad who was presented by former law minister Rana Sanaullah, before media was seen in a newly emerged photograph with the wanted shooter. Several men standing beside the shooter as seen in the new photograph are believed to be workers of PML-N.

Police arrested Nadeem Mughal, Imtiaz Siraj, Iftikhar and Malik Zahid, however key accused could not be arrested yet. It merits mentioning here that the Punjab police has been on the manhunt for the shooter and have announced Rs 50 lac reward for anyone who informs police about suspect’s whereabouts.