LAHORE - The 4th Quaid-e-Azam Open Golf Championship commenced here at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course on Wednesday.

The contests for senior golfers, senior professionals and ladies started on Wednesday while the professionals and amateurs will compete on December 12, 13, and 14, said Convenor Golf Agha Ali Imam during a press conference held here at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Club and was also attended and addressed by advisor Shezan MS Janjua, director marketing Shezan International Waseem Mehmood, captain golf Sardar Murad Khan, tournament director Omer Zia and director media Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed.

Agha said: “Once again, Shezan International Ltd has taken the initiative and wholeheartedly stepped forward to support the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Club in holding a major open golf championship titled as the Quaid-e-Azam Open Golf Championship. This will be the fourth year in succession.”

Sardar Murad said the most optimistic aspect of the event was that it was open to the top golf professionals of the country. “The top 10 nationally-ranked players will be out to defend and safeguard their rankings while the other ranked professionals will be vying to improve their status as the better ones. The top contenders in the event are M Shabbir, M Munir, M Matloob and Waheed Baloch.”

Wasim Mehmood of Shezan said that the company offered complete financial support towards holding of the event in a grand way. Being connected with products like juices and other nutrient loaded edibles, Shezan International though it appropriate to get involved with physical activity so as to complement and make the whole circle a comprehensive one. He also said that Lahore Gymkhana had opened up its golf course to all participating professional golfers and sought to enable them to pursue their livelihood in a rewarding way.

Khawaja Pervaiz said that for the professional golf players of the country, this event sought to create a prodigious opportunity and ample are the cash prizes for the top performers, besides non cash awards for the participating amateurs. “The prize money is Rs 1.2 million to be distributed amongst top 40 position holders. There is also an event for the senior golf professionals and prize money allocated for them is Rs 200,000.” Omer Zia said that the main events were professionals and amateurs while other events include senior professionals and amateurs, veterans, ladies, and juniors. “In terms of numbers the participants are, senior professionals are 24, veterans 25, ladies 10, amateurs 30 and professionals 85.”

The main trophy is on gross. Shafique Masih, Gymkhana (2011), Matloob Ahmed, Lahore Garrison (2012) and defending champion M Munir, Islamabad, have already had a feel of the glory related to winning this title.