Islamabad - The Counterterrorism Department (CTD) Punjab has submitted a report with the authorities concerned about loopholes in the security of Fauji Foundation Hospital (FFH), reliable sources revealed to The Nation on Wednesday.

The FFH has already been warned by National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) through a letter to Punjab Home Department and Regional Police Officer (RPO) Rawalpindi that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) might launch brazen attack on the hospital.

Sources said that CTD Punjab in its report had raised serious questions over the feeble security arrangements by the FFH administration. The CTD also mentioned that no proper mechanism of body or motor frisk was adopted at the entrance of the hospital, which might lead to any disaster, sources added.

Earlier, NACTA told Punjab home department and police that terrorists in disguise of female patients would try to shift arms, ammunition and explosive material to the hospital. In the meantime, FFH administration had also received a letter in which it was threatened that the TTP would hit the hospital. The letter was written in Urdu and was sent to FFH administration through ordinary mail some four weeks ago.

In line with the NACTA’S intelligence regarding the terror threat to FFH, Punjab home department has ordered RPO to take special security measures for security of the hospital.

Despite serious terror threats, the FFH administration has learnt no lesson and failed in making adequate security arrangements, putting the lives of hundreds of doctors, paramedical staffers, patients and their attendants at a great risk.

When this scribe paid a visit to the hospital, it was observed that the security guards of FFH, who were deputed on main entrance gate to check the vehicles and frisk the visitors with metal detectors in their hand, were indulged in chatting with one another. They were having tea, smoking cigarettes and were just issuing parking tickets to the vehicles. No presence of police or official of any other law enforcement agencies (LEAs) was seen anywhere in the hospital. A large number of vehicles and motorcyclists entered the hospital without being checked with scanners.

FFH Deputy Administrator Col (Retd) Khalid Mehmood SI (M), when approached in his office by this scribe, claimed that the administration had forwarded the letter written by unknown terrorists to the country’s premier intelligence agency for further process. “We are safe and facing no threat. So you should also avoid publishing this matter in media,” he said, adding that army and FFH administration had their own mechanism to provide security cover to the hospital.

When this scribe told him about the negligence of security guards on gate, the deputy director said, “Some 3,000 patients and 2,000 staffers including doctors visit hospital daily and we can’t frisk all of them.” He further said, “If we stop a vehicle to check its box or engine or bed then it would trigger a traffic mess on the road.” He claimed that well-equipped personnel of Pakistan Army and police performed patrolling the hospital whenever needed.

Interestingly, all the security guards deputed on main gate were alert soon after this scribe left the office of the deputy administrator. They stopped this scribe forcefully and threatened him of dire consequences, saying, “Don’t come again in the hospital or else you will be responsible for your any loss,” said a guard to this scribe.

The RPO and CPO were neither available in their offices nor on their cellphones for their comments on the issue.