Ameen:     It is an outrage, you know. They go about preaching life, freedom, liberty, sanctioning brute regimes, bombing countries in the name of values they neither know nor care for. At the time they were tested, they broke under the weight of their own misplaced sense of power. This torture report is an absolute shocker. We all knew it was happening, but that it was this bad? Lies, deceit, violence. To hell with their brand of human rights. To hell with them slapping sanctions on us for child labour or other such fluff which pales in comparison. The hypocrisy, Sadiq. The hypocrisy makes my nerves rattle.

Sadiq:    One word: Self-interest. That’s what makes the world spin. There is almost no use getting emotional about it, Ameen. Is it horrific? Yes it is. Is it unexpected? No, it is not. What fallacy it is, to expect any powerful country in the world to act as holy as it pretends to be. Everyone knows they’re only slapping sanctions, bombing nations, making speeches, because they need to. No intelligent person should actually believe any of that political rhetoric. I do look on the bright side though...

Ameen:     There’s a bright side? There’s a bright side to the CIA torture report?

Sadiq:     Yes. That it was declassified at all. That it was made public. That the system enforces transparency even if delayed. Perhaps it will give some people, probably a minority, a shot at justice.

Ameen:     They’ll make a movie about it. Somebody will win an Oscar for it. They’ll even make a museum about it some day. The UN will kick inside its straitjacket. The American President will make a few more neutral speeches like he did yesterday, and then it’ll all be made into art or a historical narrative. Behind the scenes, it will continue to happen. The nightmare will continue for thousands of people, so many of them innocent. It breaks my heart.

Sadiq:     It’s a messed up world we’re in now. I guess it always has been. Human suffering and human cruelty; that’s all history is.