This time the anti Islam forces have launched a conspiracy so skillfully and imperceptibly that now; this is no less than an irony of fate that some of the Muslim states find no loophole in the internationally devised plan. As usual the film directors are behind the scene, more regretfully, the stage players or performers are the misled Muslims, funded for creating the so-called ‘Islamic State.’ The history of ISIS is not very old, it is a split faction of the Al Qaida. It took birth in 2006. The arrival of Da’ish (ISIS) has left most of the world agitated. It requires no rocket science to smell the rat as to who launched it, and with what objects.

The bloodthirsty faction has played the game of bloodbath and demolition of the holy places, the shrines of the Prophets in Iraq and Syria, a good number of the newspapers readership is well updated about the heinous atrocities committed by the ISIS activists. It is more shocking to us that the Central and the Provincial Governments are either unconcerned about lives and property of the people or entirely unaware of the arrival of the Da’ish elements in Pakistan. The stalwarts of the Government give such statements as are contradictory and perplexing about its existence or vice versa in Pakistan. The Government should make the best use of their intelligence and law enforcing agencies, if the top public representatives have some spare time, out of their precious TV appearances, to free us from this agony and to take concrete steps for our security. I would like to say please end this film full of suspense and horrors.


Lahore, December 5.