ISLAMABAD: After the release of declassified versions of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s study on the CIA’s rendition, detention and interrogation programme, the US govt has issued a security alert to its citizens in Pakistan.

The US embassy in Islamabad has warned its citizens against the given situation which could prompt anti-US protests and violence.  “US citizens should pay attention to their surroundings and take appropriate safety measures, including avoiding demonstrations or confrontational situations,” the statement said.

“US citizens are advised to monitor the situation via local media and our website, stay clear of all known demonstrations, keep a low profile, exercise caution, and avoid large gatherings apart from monitoring the embassy website for updates,” said the statement. –Staff reporter

“The US embassy in Pakistan urges US citizens to vary their times and routes when travelling anywhere in Pakistan, and to avoid travel patterns to such locations that would allow other persons to predict when and where they will be,” the alert said.

“Depending on ongoing security assessments, and as part of routine operational security measures, the US mission occasionally places areas such as hotels, markets, airports, and/or restaurants off limits to official personnel,” it added.

–Asif  Bashir Chaudhary