ISLAMABAD  - Although the world including Pakistan has observed the International Human Rights Day, however, the fate of Kashmiris has not changed and the valley has turned into hell for Kashmiris due to Indian troops barbaric, inhuman, unlawful, unethical and criminal deeds.

"It is point of utter dissatisfaction that consumed only a day for the human rights campaign instead of taking serious substantial steps to stop the series of violations in Occupied Kashmir, Palestine and other parts of world," said Chairperson Peace & Culture Organization Mushaal Hussein Mullick said this while addressing a press conference here on Wednesday.

She said although the human rights violations by Indian government in occupied Kashmir had started in 1947, yet the statistics of killings, rape and torture microscopically since 1989 till today are enough to shake our souls.

She said that during this period 94,119 innocent people have been killed, custodian deaths are 7,024, 106,022 structures were destroyed, 127,129 civilians were arrested, 107,491 children got orphaned, 10,129 women gang raped by Indian troops.

"After the celebration of 64 human rights days, Kashmiris are in a much worse condition from where they were in the past," she remarked.

Besides inhuman activities India often holds elections in Occupied Kashmir to substitute them with the right to self determination and plebiscite but they are everything but elections, It is an exercise under the supervision of the Indian Gun, where a majority of people boycott such exercises.

Mushaal also expressed her grave concern over the fast deteriorating condition of her ailing husband and JKLF chief Yasin Malik since his arrest in Kerwal jail last month. She appealed to all human rights organizations, UN and Amensty International to take notice of the situation and put pressure on India to release her ailing husband. She condemned the unprovoked firing by Indian Army at the LoC and Working Boundary and urged implementation of UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir.