I would like to shed light on an incident that occurred in the Housing Society of the company where I work, Pak Arab Refinery-PARCO. A child was killed and an unsuspecting woman trampled over while taking an evening stroll on the footpaths by an untrained and unlicensed woman driver. The driver, apparently learning how to drive without supervision, in an area where it is prohibited to do so, drove her car over a group of people killing a child and breaking the legs of another woman. The afflicted people were visiting their relative; a lowly technologist is the said company, while the driver of the vehicle is the wife of a prominent admin officer in the same company.

Now the sensible thing would have been for the guilty party to go up to the aggrieved, offer their commiserations and condolences and ask for their forgiveness and then work to achieve any settlement. But contrary to this, the incident has turned in to one of corporate oppression with the higher ups of the company teaming up with the admin and pressuring the technologist into not filling a case and threatening him with termination of his job. To add insult to injury they haven’t even shown any remorse and have offered a repulsive amount of Rs.10, 000 for the dead child.

Oppression is defined as the experience of repeated, widespread, and systemic injustice. This is a clear case of civilized corporate oppression. Incidents like these should be highlighted so that the oppression of the weak by the strong, even in the educated circles, would stop.


Lahore, November 19.