Illiteracy is of the ascending problem of Pakistan .The facts that illiteracy is strengthening its roots in this country is basically because of the archaic education policies incorporation. No unified education system is distributed by the authorities among rural and urban areas .Low rate GDP accumulation. Less qualified teachers in rural areas and expensive education in urban society is becoming a backbone problem of Pakistan.

These unrevealed problems are becoming hurdles for Pakistanis in obtaining a respectable position in this world of techniques and technologies.

My critical analysis is only to identify the problems and find solutions for them. The concern department of education HEC (Higher education Commission) need to raise the standards of education firstly by increasing the budget and guaranteeing the students with a secure learning environment, secondly designing free and compulsory education system at least till 12 standards all over in the country. Lastly qualified teachers should be assigned jobs on basis of merit. May these solutions be helpful for the every citizen in accomplishing its significant position in the society.


Rawalpindi, November 17.