I am writing this letter to describe the pathetic situation regarding the knowledge of road safety. We use traffic and roads in our everyday life but still Pakistani people have no knowledge about traffic rules what so ever.

According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, number of road accidents witnessed in 2013, were 8885 and 4672 peoples died in those road accidents and this rate is increasing day by day.

On the basis of this report, following recommendations are proposed in this regard, road safety education in the Pakistan is one of the most neglected fields. No systematic program for road safety education exists today. Majority of the people are unaware of the traffic safety laws and regulations. Similarly, a lot of traffic rules are violated on daily basis by a large number of road users unknowingly and by misinterpretation of the rules. The most effective way of road safety education is to make it a part of curriculum at different levels of education and government should organize awareness programs in different schools, colleges, universities and offices.

Media (social, electronic and print) should launch an active campaign to educate people and authorities should take immediate measures regarding this poor situation.


Rawalpindi, November 17.