The 90s is remembered as the golden era of Pakistan’s music history as it was the time when some of our greatest musical acts came into being. Unfortunately, the years that followed showed a drastic decline in the number of concerts and other avenues for both musicians and music lovers to gather and connect.

Peek Freans Sooper, Pakistan’s #1 selling cookie, recently took the initiative to reverse this trend by reuniting the globally acclaimed Pakistani sufi-rock band, Junoon. The reprised version of their iconic track “Khudi” was released on Independence Day and as a double treat for Pakistanis, Sooper released another Junoon track, “Hai Jazba Junoon”, which Junoon would be performing on December 25th in Karachi!

The announcement was enough to excite the people of Pakistan, and a little birdie has information that the tickets have been selling like hot cakes. While this was pretty much expected, we decided to delve deeper into what's the hype all about:

1) A first-of-its-kind event: It is after several years that Karachi (and Pakistan for that matter) would be witnessing a concert of this magnitude. We hear no stone has been left unturned in ensuring this event was of international standards. The division of enclosures (Golden, Silver, Bronze, Platinum) in itself is something that has not been seen in Pakistan before, and sets high expectations early on from the actual event.

2) A ‘Ladies only’ enclosure: The pink circle: From what I know, this is world’s first! It is a ladies-only enclosure where they can be comfortable and enjoy themselves without any security concerns.

3) The nostalgia: Junoon is probably one of the few bands of the country that enjoy a massive fan following across all age groups. From those who grew up listening to their music to even those who weren’t born when Junoon produced music but have heard their iconic songs, the band has something to offer for everyone.

4) Passion and patriotism: We all know Pakistanis bleed green and 2018 in particular has been a very emotional year for the country in every regard. Junoon’s music has produced some of the greatest and most inspiring patriotic songs ever, and I cannot wait to see that energy and passion in the crowd when they play those songs again on stage.

5) Other acts: Word is that Junoon is not going to be the only highlight of the night! There is an entire line up of opening acts, but everyone is so silent about it that all I could find out was that Peek Freans Sooper was bringing out some of the best raw, homegrown talent on stage before the main act comes out.

So, it’s not much of a surprise if the tickets were selling out fast. The location for Sooper Junoon is "DHA Sports Club (Moin Khan Academy).

Added bonus: there is an Early Bird Discount going on right now which lasts till a certain quantity we're told. So hurry up and get yours now, this is not one to miss.