ISLAMABAD-A group of four artists visualizing their imaginations on environmental issues continues to allure nature lovers at Aqs art gallery. The show, “Urban Agglomeration” depicts stunning imagery of digital figurative and symbolic art. Arranged by ‘My Art World’ at Aqs gallery, the group show features works of Amal Uppal, Waleed Zafar, Risham Faiz and Neha Maqsood.

Amal Uppal is a Lahore based Painter, Digital Environment Artist and Wordsmith who explores urban  landscapes, digital imagery, eye catching colors, oil, charcoal, pen and ink to create dramatic images which has a theme and a message.

According to her, Pakistani artists have been crippled by a society so steeped in the same mechanical rut that its art has become redundant, however, emerging artists are now rebelling against the tradition to attempt a style that is unique and modern. 

Waleed Zafar is a Lahore based illustrator and a visual artist with an interest in creative content writing and production design. While Risham is a visual artist, obsessed with line art, stuck in chaos, a perfectionist and is completely satisfied with being a casual singer and an overall entertainer. Neha Maqsood is a Lahore-based artist who uses painting, as well as other mediums, to explore questions

of process, concealment and the undefined. A graduate of Beacon House National University,

Lahore, she explores the queries of daily life using her painting process and digital work and layers pictures to create one image that reacts to the process of an emotional state and goes back in time to explore how things move people.

There is no hard-hitting theory or concept involved in her work; the daily life objects she explores show how she sees them and then generate an image for her audience to decide how they can connect themselves to that particular image. 

With an artistic vision, she expresses what she often develops with time and working. One thing leads to another, and, eventually, she has more ideas than she has time to carry them out. The show will continue till December 13.