LONDON - Britain's Heathrow airport will set up a plan to financially support its European employees after Brexit, said John Holland-Kaye, chief executive officer (CEO) of the airport. According to a report by local Sky News, the airport was to set aside hundreds of thousands of pounds to help its European Union (EU) staff secure their "settled status" against likely changes. Applications are available to an estimated 2,600 workers. "As we leave the EU, ironically we now really need those international people working here," Holland-Kaye said. He said that these employees constitute "valued parts" of their team, and have played "a hugely important role for an international business" like theirs with their language services and cultural insights. Noting the urgency to reassure its anxious non-British EU employees, the CEO said it is important "not just to protect our own team but to encourage other companies to do the same thing."

Heathrow said it will guarantee 30-day payment terms through Brexit to relieve the stress on small and medium-sized companies in its supply chain.