Recently, 300 unregistered shops in Karachi were demolished leaving more than 3000 people unemployed with the justification that this is the need of time to fix everything. Before that the building of Radio Pakistan was announced to be given on lease, and even before that it was announced that the citizens will have to face a good deal of inflation and taxes because it is necessary for the betterment of Pakistan.

The question here arises is that “for a long term successful Pakistan, what is the solution for the present catastrophe?”, it is true that the government has given justification for their actions, but one must consider the problem it is causing to the Pakistanis in 2018-2019.

Considering the present situation, one major issue is with tax filers and non-tax filers which is again an important issue which needs attention but it does not necessarily mean that it needs to be placed with force. One must consider this issue critically, because it is not just a certain class that the government is targeting right now; but starting from middle class, then upper middle class and the upper class, everyone has to justify their accounts and taxes. We must consider that for clarification- a clarification beforehand is also required. If one is not aware of the process, procedure and submission, then it is impossible for them to get registered in time.

Adding to this tax filing phenomena is the depression that the working class has to face. For working class, those who are giving services 12-17 hours of the day, 17% deduction is awarded if you are not a tax filer and even those who are on contractual basis will have to deal with it accordingly. The problem lies with the fact that if the government is asking for filing of tax, for how long have they been educating about it?

Before implementation, there must be standard procedure that needs to be followed. More importantly, in a country like Pakistan, where education is a prime issue and elderly population does not understand a simply typed text in English or in Urdu, there must be circulation of comprehension for understanding. It will be happening in the coming future that people will strike on the roads because there are not clear with the ideas and laws. People will be outraged because of E-challan and people will strike on the roads because of the encroached land reclamation because the precautions and advance notices are not given with proper education.

Interesting in this aspect, is the rule of authorities and department dealing with the taxes and other issues. The department does not give any specification regarding the notices issue and before the eleventh hour sends in an application or gives a letter telling that “this is to be taken as high priority”. The common public already adjusting too much cannot adjust further in a shorter spam of time without any information. They waive here and there and then “time’s up”.

As light this may seem in written context, the people are getting frustrated and tired. In the time spam of 112 days, the government has taken better steps than the previous government but why we see people on the roads and why are they speaking against the national hero whom they dearly elected as their Prime Minster?

The reason lies with in being a government for the public. The government has to understand the problems of the public before they take necessary actions. We cannot turn a deaf ear to the fact that for the last ten years, the corruption has increased drastically and people have diluted their definition of corruption because no one was there to educate them. Then citizenship and civic responsibility was a matter not even considered for a decade. In order to make laws for punishment, we must educate about the crime first.

It is high time that the government must start a suitable campaign for educating the citizens for a better Pakistan. The government is doing a great job and raising issues that have not been placed on fore front before but the public is not moving the exact same pace as the government. This can ultimately create a hate audience for the government in spite of their well wishes for the public. The perspective departments must consider this issue seriously and try to inform public before time. There should be seminars and symposiums for civic responsibility and citizenship so that the public can understand the importance of the action taken by the government. Last, the government must consider that with the fast pace for a better future, how the present situation can be catered properly.


The writer is Mphil in English Literature.