KARACHI            -        Member Sindh Assembly and PTI Karachi President Khurrum Sher Zaman has said that the assembly session is only running for the sake of production orders of two people; spending Rs 50 lac daily of taxpayers’ money. What is the major legislation being debated in Sindh Assembly that is justifies this ongoing session? No law is being made in the Assembly or no resolution is being passed.

He said this while talking to media outside Sindh Assembly. He said: “The chief minister is busy removing only the officers and accusing them of terrorism. Karachites are making supplication due to abductions and children being killed. People are not buying medicines in hospitals. People are buying medicines from outside.

Ask CM Sindh why he does not attend the assembly or ask about inflation, he blames the federal government. The Commissioner Karachi and Sindh Government is responsible for price controls.”

Khurrum Sher Zaman added that we were going to write a letter to the NAB to probe where the local government ministry’s money was spent. In six years, six local government ministers have been changed and all accused of corruption.

The chief minister holds portfolios of major ministries and the education system is being destroyed.

The situation is that the teachers are protesting, then the sticks are being rained on them.

Now the NAB is busy in Punjab but we ask the NAB why it remains silent on corruption in Sindh. He urges the Prime Minister to look at Sindh like Punjab. He further said that Saeed Ghani is very uncouth.  He does not know how to speak. He is in government and should not give such language. Firdous Shamim Naqvi is a senior member of the PTI and highly respected, he added.

“There will be a change in Sindh. We are in PTI for change and we will rescue the people of Sindh from People’s Party rule. A minister accuses the governor of receiving salary Sindh but the province receives funds from the federal government. Dogs are biting people.

There is a great crisis of flour in Sindh and drinking water crisis. There is no room to tolerate all of this. One last chance is being given to the government to correct Sindh and bring good governance. The Sindh Assembly meeting is a waste of time. Only those who come to the Assembly come to bang on their desks,” he added.