ISLAMABAD-Strict security arrangements on the arrival of Sri Lankan cricket team at Rawalpindi stadium on Tuesday caused severe commuting problems for the residents as they demanded the administration for an alternative plan.

Scores of commuters and residents of twin cities travelling from expressway, Faizabad, IJP road, Murree Road and double road connecting to 9th Avenue suffered till mid of the day due to strict security arrangements taken on the arrival of Sri Lankan cricket team.

The Nation observed kilometres of long queues of vehicles, jam-packed traffic at signals connecting Rawalpindi and Islamabad and hundreds of passengers making long walks to reach their destinations.

Along with extraordinary measures taken for the security purpose on main arteries of the twin cities, the suspension of metro bus service also elevated miseries of common men travelling between twin cities.

Despite heavy police and traffic control police to manage the traffic, the chaos was created at main bus stop of Faizabad where passengers from all across the country reach Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The swift movements of police car lifter at main bus stop caused damage to the citizens whose cars were forcefully removed from the place due to high security.

Talking to The Nation, a citizen Mohammad Waseem said that he reached Faizabad to pick his uncle coming from Bahawalpur, but he was not allowed to park his car anywhere at main bus stop. “It is very disturbing as how we would pick our relatives if not allowed to stand on the bus stop,” he said.

Waseem said that the administration has made a strange security strategy where guests were being facilitated, but common residents had to face the difficulty. He showed dissatisfaction over the administration’s services, which need to be provided indiscriminately to all.

Mohammad Amir, a clerk at secretariat said that suspension of metro bus service has created problems for hundreds of commuters. “Not only metro bus service is suspended, but all avenues are also chocked” he said.

Similarly, Waqas Azeem, who reached Faizabad Bus Station to pick his relative from Islamabad, said that there was massive traffic jam, which caused inconvenience for people on the roads. “Bridge towards stop was closed and I had to take a U-turn three kilometres away, than being stuck in heavy traffic jam,” he said.

The local added that cricket team must be provided security and facility, but administration should also not disturb the routine life of other citizens.

Ameena Ahmed, a student at Quaid-i-Azam University, said that she had to attend her class, but remained stuck in traffic mess for two hours.

She maintained that no traffic was allowed on Murree Road and Stadium Road, so she had to take the alternative route via rickshaw, which was also flooded with traffic.

She said that there was also no metro bus service available as an alternate option, adding that security was important, but routine life must not be disturbed.