Now-a-days parents are worried about their child because of peer pressure. Peer pressure occurs for children as well as preschoolers. They mimic their peers and seek to be like them at a very young age. Children tend to be affected by peers in kindergarten, and then in elementary and middle school. Much of this influence is positive, because friends are an important way for children to learn and be challenged; however, some of this influence takes the negative form. Peer influences have a stronger impact on teenagers, since young adults learn very easily from books, the media, and the people around them. In everything they do, they try to compete with their peers: they wear the same clothes, go where their friends visited, watch the same TV programs and films, and even celebrate their birthdays in the same fashion as their friends. But, in such day-to-day activities this effect does not stop. It also spills over to other negative activities like use of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. And also changes in behavior and attitude.

Because of peer pressure teens are going towards wrong directions. Drug abuse are now common in teens.Teens started abuse of drugs as they were forbidden in childhood toward drugs and all those things. And as they reached their teen age and got out from that peer circle most of them started exploring these things and in trying to explore it, they got addicted of drugs almost in adulthood. Depending on the teen’s intentions, peer pressure may be good or bad. One thing is certain, peer pressure is not going to just go away in this age group, so it’s best not to ignore the issues surrounding it and try to make your children in comfort friend zone, so that they can share you anything easily.