During Bill Clintons time as the US President, an American young man spat chewing gum on the street in Singapore. He was charged and sentenced to a number of lashes by the court. The matter went (unofficially) all the way to the heads of states and Clinton did every thing he could or was in his power to have the sentence commuted. However Singapores Government flatly refused stating that he could not interfere in the judicial system of the country. Afia Siddiqui is serving some 80 to 90 years in an American Jail for allegedly threatening to kill and pointing a gun at an American citizen. Raymond Davis killed two Pakistanis and will be soon flown away to the US as a free man after the initial cacophony dies down. This is the difference between a Sovereign State and the one that is and has always been treated as an American stooge. Dr. Irfan Zafar Islamabad, February 8.