"Democracy is the best revenge" was the first slogan of the ruling party. On taking over office Mr Zardari announced his policy of reconciliation which is nothing but to gain time by making a U-turn on every wrong decision taken by the ruling junta when challenged by the opposition parties or the masses. President Zardari has two smart ministers who are expert in making a deal or making some false promises with dissenting party(s) thus gaining time. If appears as if Mr Rehman Malik has some Gidhar Singhi as he keeps shuttling between Islamabad and the angry leaders. So far he has been successful in implementing the policy of reconciliation and pacifying the revolting leaders. Only God knows what tricks he uses to diffuse angry leaders like Altaf Hussain, Nawaz Sharif or Maulana Fazlur Rehman. The latest spanner that President Zardari has thrown to gain time is to call a Round Table Conference of all political parties. This announcement came when the dead line of 10-point agenda of Nawaz league was approaching close. Every one knows that nothing positive would come out of this Round Table conference on Long table. It is another step of delaying tactics by the government. Mr Zardari wants to complete 5 years term of his government by such time gaining tactics. The 10 point agenda of Nawaz Sharif is not a new formula that the ruling party does not know. It is in fact demand of the general public and if government follows it strictly, governance will definitely improve. But the corrupt mafia of the government does not want to implement these points and hence we see these delaying tactics by the government. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, February 9.