This is with reference to an ongoing discussion in different papers regarding low paid civil servants and huge volume of their corruption. Keeping all the sermons of honesty aside, I want to suggest some practical measures to reform civil service of Pakistan. It would not only give a chance of honesty to those who are compelled for corruption in order to make both ends meet but also it would attract better incumbents to the profession of public service. Coming to the point, there are reported 7500 civil servants i.e. CSS officers serving in grades 17 to 22 in the country which is not a huge number. All of them joined service by competitive exam which offers jobs to around 200 out of thousands competing candidates every year. Briefly speaking Government gives them ordinary salaries and that leads to corruption. If their salaries are added with a CSS allowance of Rs 50000 per month for grade 17 and 18, Rs 75000 for grade 19 and 20 and Rs 100,000 for grade 21 and 22, things would considerably improve. Total effect of this expense is too small for our government as compared to the corruption which has no limits in this country. It would cost around 4.5 billion per annum. Its cost benefit analysis can be conducted by professionals but even a layman like the writer can feel it to be highly applicable and profiting. Please give honest civil servants a chance to stay honest by paying heed to my suggestion. SALMAN JAMES, Lahore, February 10.