In a fatal blow to New Delhi and its security establishments oft-repeated clich that acts of terrorism in India are conducted by Islamabad, an Indian court has acquitted seven men on charges of working for the ISI and planning a terrorist attack. Not only that. The court stated in its judgement that the police had carefully scripted the entire drama falsely framing these men to gain awards and promotions. In the court proceedings, it transpired that the only offence these men had committed was that they did not stop their vehicle at a police checkpoint. An inquiry against the policemen who lodged the fake case has been ordered. In fact, the court has blown the lid off the RAW and Indian security establishment that are always on the lookout to defame Pakistan. It would not have occurred to the policemen while filing these charges that the judge would get at the truth and give such a verdict. Unfortunately, the tendency to put the blame of terrorist incident on Pakistan prevails not only in Indias law enforcement agencies but also political classes and most courts. Thus, if the police frame anyone as an agent of the ISI, the courts rarely question it, and generally hand over a harsh sentence. But the New Delhi court has turned out to be an exception. Its decision casts a big question mark on the incidents attributed to the ISI by the Indian security establishment. We already have the example of the Samjhota Express blasts, which was quickly ascribed to the ISI. But again the culprits for this heinous crime did not come from across the border but from Indian Hindu extremist organisation RSS. The Mumbai attacks have also to be judged in the light of the evidence that Hindu extremists commit terrorism to throw mud on Pakistans name. There is ample evidence to support that these attacks could also have been stage-managed. This is a moment of great shame for New Delhi.