As per the results of a referendum held in Jan 9 to 15 more than 98% of southern Sudanese (mostly Christian) opted for independence. In July 2011, it will be a separate nation, ending more than two decades of north/south civil war. Unfortunately Kashmiris are striving for their right of self-determination which was guaranteed to them by the UN Resolution in 1948. USA was the major player in the commission which drew up the resolution. Innocent Kashmiris are suffering for the last 63 years but due to vested economic interests the world is not putting pressure on India to hold a referendum. These double standards create despondency, deprivation and anger among the youth. There is a need that the world in general and US in particular which is on driving seat must fulfill their obligations and solve this protracted dispute. The peace and stability in this region can only come after all such disputes are solved on priority. SHAHID ZAHUR, Rawalpindi, February 9.