Nothing could better illustrate Indias undying and unreasoning hostility to the very existence of Pakistan than its taking the European Unions duty concessions to the WTO. The EU concessions were declared at the time they were made last year to be a temporary measure to offer relief for the monsoon floods, not to reward its efforts in the war on terror, which the EU is fighting alongside the USA through the contingents its members have in the NATO forces there. This concession was supposed to take effect from this year for three years, but India has complained to the WTO and had the concessions stopped. Though the concessions were made to assist in a natural disaster to which India itself gave aid, though only through American intervention, India has found it impossible to refrain from trying anything that might conceivably damage Pakistan. Initially, India has had the EU concessions stopped for two months in an interim order, while the final WTO decision might take as long as a year and a half. This example should be enough to convince the government, that its pursuit of friendship with the USA has brought it little benefit, as the EU is also joining it in favouring India at Pakistans expense. It appears that the EU also shares the fascination with India as a democracy and a huge market, as well as its potential as a regional counterweight to China. Because of this, and because the EU concession came only after a prolonged Pakistani campaign based on its participation in the war on terror, the burden of the rebuttal of the Indian charges will depend on Pakistan. Pakistan should not lose this opportunity of raising the international communitys awareness of the Kashmir issue. Pakistan must also watch with great attention the USAs attitude in this dispute. It will probably find the USA performing its traditional role of favouring India. It should use this as a reason to cease its participation in its war on terror, something it should do anyway if its government wishes to remove a cause of disapprobation by its people. The government must prepare to defend itself vigorously in the WTO. It should also note that, apart from this move, it has also cancelled an order for Pakistani cotton. Another move designed to reduce Pakistans cotton exports that will affect its overall exports, which were expected to grow this year. To Pakistan it does not matter if American approval for these hostile Indian machinations were prior, or post facto; what matters is that the USA approved.