The news item which appeared recently in Washington Post regarding Pakistans nuclear arsenal has sparked a debate at national and international levels. It has started a discussion especially in western media, and diverse conspiracy theories are coming up by different analysts. It was stated by Washington Post that Pakistans nuclear arsenal now totals more than 100 deployed weapons and at this instant it has an arsenal of up to 110 weapons, which were 30 to 60 four years back. Analysts are saying that whenever the US wants to increase pressure on Pakistan, its media and government circulate such reports that can exploit Pakistans position. Currently, the US is exploiting Pakistans nuclear issue because of two reasons. First, due to Raymond Davis issue and secondly due to Islamabads stance on Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty (FMCT) Conference on Disarmament 2011. Just after the incident of Raymond Davis, US started exerting tremendous pressure on Pakistan from different ways because US is asking for diplomatic immunity of Davis while troika consisting of President, Prime Minister and the Army Chief have decided to face every pressure from USA and are of the opinion that the matter should be left to the courts judgement. Since Pakistan has refused to release Raymond Davis, USA is also indicating to adopt a policy of neglecting Pakistan in Afghanistan affairs. It is for the first time that a top US General has expressed his view that the USA can now win Afghan War without Pakistans support. On the other hand, in the opening session of Conference on Disarmament, the US is exerting great pressure on Pakistan, first by including India in Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and also to end the barrier which stops India from acquiring nuclear technology and material in the open market. Secondly, the US is seeking to use international treaties (i.e. CTBT, FMCT) to freeze Pakistan nuclear programme. Pakistans Ambassador and permanent envoy to the UN in Geneva, Zamir Akram sharply criticized the US stance for India and its "double standards and discrimination" for pushing a global treaty banning all future production of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium. This he maintains will affect Pakistans minimum credible deterrence. These statements of Zamir Akram came in media on 25 January and right after few days on 31 January a detailed report regarding Pakistan nuclear arsenals appeared in Washington Post. It really seems astonishing that on one side the US is seeking the immunity of a killer on the claim of self defense while on other side the US is not ready to listen the self-defense claim of a country. MAIMUNA ASHRAF, Rawalpindi, February 7.