KARACHI - An MQM central leader on Friday claimed that the ANP’s Senator Ilyas Bilour had confessed that the latter party was directly involved in the killing of the MQM workers in Karachi.The MQM demanded that the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry should take an immediate notice of his confession. Addressing a hurriedly called press conference at Lal-Qila Ground, MQM Central Executive Committee member and Deputy Parliamentary Leader in the Sindh Assembly Faisal Sabzwari said that the outburst of the ANP leader Ilyas Bilour regarding the MQM was an open admission of guilt that the continuous bloodshed in Karachi was done by the ANP. The ANP leaders instead of showing remorse on the killing of innocent workers and sympathisers of the MQM, are showing their jubilation.The members of MQM coordination committee, legislators in Sindh Assembly and family members of the people killed in Karachi were also present. The statement of ANP’s Central leader senator Ilyas Bilour on a private TV channel was also telecast in the press conference.“You have heard for yourself how the ANP leader Ilyas Bilour has said in a brazen manner that it was the ANP that reined in the MQM in Karachi and not any Sindhi feudal lord,” Faisal Sabzwari said. The statement made by the ANP leader Ilyas Bilour had made it very clear that they made the entire MQM helpless by killing its people without any fear, shedding their blood with impunity and cutting them to pieces.He alleged that Senator Ilyas Bilour had accepted the responsibility for the bloodshed of the MQM workers and sympathizers which is a matter of record now. Those, whose hands are smeared with the blood of innocent people, should be brought to book for their crimes. The MQM Central leader said that Ilyas Bilour had not only accepted the responsibility of killing the innocent workers, but rubbed salt on their wounds by his provocative statement. The family members of the killed persons appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan through this press conference to give them justice.“Senator Ilyas Bilour has openly admitted the reality that the ANP is directly involved in the killing of the MQM workers and sympathizers in Karachi, and it is the ANP that is responsible for destroying the environment of peace in Karachi by bloodshed and terrorism,” he added. He alleged that the ANP provincial government had failed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa because of their misdeeds and corruption and it is now fanning hatred, violence and bloodshed in Karachi and sacrificing the peaceful Pakhtun people living in Karachi. Commenting about his party steps for peace in Karachi, he said that the MQM had been making practical efforts for the promotion of peace and brotherly relations among various linguistic and ethnic entities.