ISLAMABAD - The issue of worsening law and order in Balochistan on Friday once again echoed in the National Assembly, amidstan assurance given by Interior Minister Rehman Malik to brief the house on the situation in the provincenext week.The treasury benches again deferred the 20th Amendment Bill for seventh consecutive sitting without giving an alternative timeframe.The bill is intended to provide legal cover to the actions of the chief election commissioner (CEC) during the time when the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) was incomplete, as defined by the 18th Amendment.The legislators from Balochistan came down hard on the PPP-led government for not taking the affairs of the volatile province seriously."They are only engaged in making consensus on amendments but not ready to pay attention to the real issue. The government is not paying heed on the increasing targeted killings, as it seems government has no formula to handle the Balochistan issue," said Yaqoob Bizenjo, on a point of order, adding that not even a parliamentary committee had been formed to look into the important matter.Expressing serious concerns, Hamayun Aziz Kurd, also on a point of order, asked the government to share a clear policy on Balochistan with the house."Lashkari Raisani has claimed that Rehman Malik hadasked him to stage a drama with some Baloch people, currently staying on the hills, so that they participate in negotiation with the government," he said and sought an explanation from the interior minister on the matter.Another treasury member, Bushra Gohar from ANP, also joined the legislators from Balochistan, saying the report of the parliamentary committee on law and order situation in Balochistanshould be shared with house. "When this report will be shared with the house?" she questioned. In his response, Rehman Malik promised to brief the house on the issue next week. He clarified that his statement regarding Baloch people should not be taken in negative terms. "I categorically deny it," he added. The house also witnessed a strong speech by one member of treasury benches against another allied party's member, when MQM parliamentary leader DrFarooq Sattar urged the Supreme Court to take suo moto notice of Awami National Party (ANP) leader Ilyas Bilour's comments over his alleged role in the target killings in Karachi."Ilyas Bilour on a TV show revealed the involvement of his party's members in the killing incidents in Karachi.The comment of Bilour to 'rein in' MQM is a testimony to the fact that they are against the political freedom of MQM," he added.Farooq Sattar also sought the explanation of ANP's leadership on the statement. "It seems MQM is being punished over their demand for the Hazara province," he maintained.  On it, ANP legislator Bushra Gohar said the ANP hadrendered great sacrifices for democracy in the country. "I couldn't understand why this matter is brought in the house in this manner. The ANP is a democratic party which never reins in any one,” she said.Zafar Baig Bhittani, on a point of order, raised the issue of drone attack in Fata. "I protest against the silence of incumbent government on the serious issue of drone attacks, as it gives an impression that the government has given them a licence to kill," he said. Earlier, the first quarterly report for the year 2011-12 of the Board of Directors of the central bank on the state of Pakistan's economy, as required by Section 9A (F) of the State Bank of Pakistan Act1956, was also laid before the house.