LIKE humans, chimpanzees have too the ability to understand the minds of others, as they know what tools others may need to get the work done, scientists have found. Researchers at Kyoto University in Japan found that apes are quite apt in considering the common goals and sharing the perspective of others, an aptitude known as “theory of mind” , which has long been considered unique to humans only. “Humans sometimes help others just upon witnessing others’ predicaments - donations for tsunami and earthquake victims are a typical case,” study author Shinya Yamamoto , a primatologist at Kyoto, was quoted as saying by LiveScience.  To see whether our closest living relatives, chimpanzees, possess theory of mind, the scientists tested how well the apes could understand the goals of other chimps.  They presented five chimps with seven tools on a tray: a stick, a straw, a hose, a chain, a rope, a brush and a belt. These apes witnessed other chimps struggling with tasks where they could receive a reward of juice, and could potentially help them by handing them a tool.                 –TOI