OKARA - During various incidents of robbery and theft, bandits looted gold ornaments, cash, mobiles and other valuables here.

In fruit Market Gogera, Iftikhar and Shakeel were present at their shop, when three armed men snatched cash and mobiles from them at gunpoint. Near graveyard Sultan Sher Garch, Asghar Ali of Siddiqnagar was intercepted by armed men and deprived of thousands of rupees.

On resistance they stabbed him his belly and left him wounded. In grain market, Amjad of 31/2.L parked his pick up (3577/LSG) which was lifted by thieves. Having broke open shop of Shakeel in Sindhi Mohalla, thieves stole valuables worth hundreds of thousands of rupees.

Likewise, six dacoits looted a passenger bus bound for Lahore from Hujra. When the coach (1461/LES) reached Suri Syal, the armed dacoits stopped it at gun-point and snatched cash, mobiles and gold ornaments from the passengers.

Similarly, a motorcycle and a cash of Rs200,000 was looted at Hujra Market. Resident of Farid Kot Deplpur Abdul Shakoor was going back home from the market. Near Farid Kot at Shell Filling Station, two armed motorcyclists stopped him and snatched cash and mobile cards worth Rs.150,000. The other incident of robbery took place near 31/1.L where armed bandits snatched a motorcycle (5234/LXO) cash from one Zafar Iqbal.

Later, Javeed Iqbal, a resident of Mohalla Dars Basirpur, was sitting at his shop along with his servants Qurban Ali. Four armed men appeared there lifted an applied for motorcycle and cash. The second incident took place near 34/2.R. Armed men snatched motorcycle, gold ornaments and a cash of Rs25,000 from Munir Ahmad.

A surprise raid was conducted by Lesco team led by the assistant manager operations in the village Judran Kalan. The raiding team found 195 houses where electricity was being supplied illegally. The Hujra police registered cases against the owners of the houses.

Trader's son was kidnapped. Mohammad Ramzan's son Mohammad Waqas, a resident of Rehmatullah Town Okara, was going to bazaar on his bike. On his way, unknown armed persons kidnapped him. The DPO has formed a team for his early recovery.

Separately, the Depalpur police have seized charas near Ratta Khana Chowk and arrested drug pushers namely Mohammad Abdullah and Jabbar Ali.