Before elections, our politicians promise to make bridges even where there are no rivers. However, there is a place known Nishter Ghat where many governments have promised to make a bridge but immediately coming into power they have reneged on their words. There is a desperate need of a bridge at this place that should connect Rajanpur and  D.G. Khan with Rahimyar Khan. It is stunning that Rajanpur has produced political stalwarts like Sardar Sher Baz Mazari, Bulkkh Sher Mazari and many other tribal sardars but they did zilch for the people of Rajanpur. The sardars and different  governments from time to time have deliberately not built the bridge because by doing so the people of Rajanpur will have an easy access to Rahimyar Khan and their tight noose on the masses will start loosening and one day they would be free from the yoke of tribal system. At present the people of Rajanpur have linked with Rahimyar Khan by uniting 160 boats as a bridge. Even the present regime promised to erect a bridge over Nishtar Ghat but four long years have frittered away when the PPP government came into power but no progress has been made to make a bridge that is desperately needed. Its a glaring example of the violations of human rights by our state which seems to be working under the shadows of local tribal sardars. I would earnestly solicit the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take cognizance of the matter and to ask the concerned authorities as to why a bridge on Nishtar Ghat is not being built.


Wah Cantt, February 9.