ISLAMABAD - The government is likely to get endorsement of new draft of the 20th Amendment Bill from the Federal Cabinet on Monday or Tuesday morning and it will be tabled before the National Assembly for approval the same evening.Sources aware of the developments in this connection informed TheNation that all the issues agreed upon between the ruling Pakistan People's Party and main Opposition Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) after a series of meeting held over the past couple of weeks would be made part of the 20th Amendment Bill draft and would subsequently be made part of the constitution after its passage from both the houses of the Parliament. The sources further said if the Cabinet meeting would be held on Tuesday then the current National Assembly session would be extended as the scheduled announced earlier the session was to culminate on Monday (February 13).The sources in PPP informed that after getting out of pressure from the coalition partners in the 20th Amendment by wooing the support of PML-N now the relaxed PPP was busy taking their junior coalition partners on board, which political observers see as just a formality, as none of their suggestions or proposed changes would be incorporated in it. The sources said that only coalition partner which stood by the PPP on the 20th Amendment was Awami National Party while the rest of the two main coalition partners -- PML-Q and MQM -- came up with their demands for extending support to the proposed 20th Amendment Bill. The sources in PPP informed that though on the face of it both MQM and PML-Q showed their backing to the government but MQM wanted some concrete steps on part of the PPP for resolving their longstanding demand of giving new Local Bodies system to Sindh Province while PML-Q wanted taking back of curricula formulation back from provinces, which was devolved to the provinces with the devolution of the Education.So PPP was left with little choice but to accept the demands of PML-N, which relatively sound rational and reasonable to the government as they just wanted steps to ensure the independence of Election Commission of Pakistan and neutral interim setup for holding the future general elections with a check on the the possible leaning of the interim setup toward any party.The sources in PPP said that on the issue of constitution of interim setup both the parties have shown flexibility on their declared stand and PML-N had also conceded some ground by accepting that instead of replacement of 'consultation' with 'consensus' between the Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition in the formulation of interim set-up they agreed to the word 'effective consultation.'It was further decided between the two parties that in case of disagreement between the Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition on the formulation of interim setup, a parliamentary committee having equal representation of treasury and opposition members would intervene to resolve the differences and even if the committee too failed to evolve consensus then the matter would be left to the Chief Election Commissioner to decide. The sources in the PPP informed that Federal Minister for Religious Affairs had already taken a go-ahead from PPP central leadership on Wednesday when he had given briefing on the subject to the Core Committee of the party while Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly was holding the negotiations with the ruling PPP with a full mandate from the PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif to take the decision.Sources in the PPP informed that all the three coalition partners including PML-Q, MQM and ANP were also taken into confidence by the PPP leadership and all of them were on same page and the proposed 20th Amendment Bill would likely be adopted with consensus from the Parliament on Monday or Tuesday.