US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter has said that supplies to NATO forces still pass through Pakistani airspace. He made this revelation while speaking to the press after the inauguration of a photo exhibition at the National Council of Arts. Ambassador Munter also expressed the hope that the relations between the two countries would normalise soon. He seemed justified in his hope, as there have been prior signals that Pakistan will put behind it the Nato attack on Pakistan’s border checkpost at Salalah, which martyred 24 Pakistani soldiers. However, Pakistani authorities must reveal if this use of Pakistani airspace is being made with their knowledge and tacit approval. Until such time as the committee constituted to conduct a review of relations between the US and Pakistan has presented its report, which has been duly debated in Parliament, it seems a bit of a farce to allow supplies to pass through Pakistan, whether by land or air. If they are transiting without the knowledge of the Pakistani side, they are as much a violation of sovereignty as drone strikes. It seems that the PAF, equipped with the latest weaponry does not seem serious or has not been tasked, either with stopping drones, or what must be slow cargo aircraft, from flying into Pakistani airspace at will.

US interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs continues, with its House Foreign Affairs committee’s hearings on Balochistan. Though there have been governance failures which have pushed people in that province towards a sense of deprivation, that grievance is being exploited by our less-than-friendly neighbourhood to the East and the West of our borders. The Parliamentary Committee on National Security must draft a set of recommendations for Parliament to debate and then pass. A relationship with the US, although important, must exist on conditions of equality. Being treated like a serfdom is the worst thing possible for US interests themself, in the region and it must stop its suicidal policies in its treatment of Pakistan. The committee’s recommendations have not yet come on the agenda of the National Assembly, though even the US authorities have said they await that process. Equality, not slavery is what Pakistan will accept. The US would do well to treat us with the respect we deserve, having lost thousands of lives in a hastily imposed War on Terror. And if our government has made a fool of us once again, telling us to our face that NATO supplies are blocked and behind closed doors giving tacit approval for them to be airlifted, then we must look within ourselves to discover our faults, which have saddled us with such two-faced leadership.