ISLAMABAD-Some foreign diplomats stationed in Islamabad are all set to use their clout in the government to get away with the ban imposed by the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet on the import of CNG kits and cylinders in the country.Though,considered a major shift in the policy, albeit a belated one,to ban the import of CNG kits and cylinders to meet the burgeoning gas demand in the country, the diplomats are geared up to intervene for getting the ban removed, sources said on Friday. According to the sources, a meeting of some diplomats with various federal ministers and officials concerned is likely on February 15 with a one-point agenda to ensure the reversal of the move.They said the diplomats of Japan, Italy and Argentine would hold a special meeting with the ministers of Industries and Production, Commerce, and Petroleum and Natural Resources, and top officials of Wapda and Board of Investment (BoI). Though the meeting was scheduled on a later date,but due to the busy schedule of Argentinean ambassador at abroad from 19th of February till March 22, the meeting has been rescheduled.Reportedly, these diplomats are likely to press Pakistan to withdraw the imposed ban. The ECC ostensibly took this decision in a bid to discourage the CNG industry and business in the country,keeping in viewthe worsening gas crisis in the country.It is pertinent mention that the CNG kits and cylinders, widely used in vehicles, are high valued and mostly imported from Argentine, Japan and Italy.The Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet had placed a ban on the import of CNG conversion kits and cylinders in view of the gas shortage in the country on 15th of December 2011.