A FATHER of two told of his miraculous escape after a 20-tonne rock flattened his car on a mountain road in the French Alps leaving him ‘completely compressed’.

Rescuers expected to find the lifeless body of Ludovic Masciave, 36, inside the 4x4, which was so badly damaged that they could not even tell what make it was.

Instead they found Mr Masciave, who is a sales manager, unconscious in the driver’s seat. He was rushed from the scene of last Wednesday’s accident, in the Arly Gorge near Albertville, to the University Hospital at nearby Grenoble.

There he was placed in intensive care with a range of injuries including flattened lungs and broken ribs, but made a remarkable recovery.

Mr Masciave told French newspaper Le Parisien: ‘I remember the impact of the rock. ‘I’d been driving slowly at between 40 and 50 kilometres an hour when suddenly there was a terrible shock which brought the vehicle to a sudden halt. I immediately lost consciousness.’

Masciave was found to have injured a number of vital organs, as well as damaging tendons and nerves.               –DM